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December 22, 2013
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Imneskur the Celestial Winged Wolf - OC by Pyroaura98 Imneskur the Celestial Winged Wolf - OC by Pyroaura98
I have no name for her yet because I only created her yesterday. I spent a whole hour and a half on this drawing, longer than most of my other drawings take. I think she is pretty cool and my sister seems to be obsessed with her and she wants to own her. Yeah, tell me what you think about her :)

(She now has a name, Imneskur, it is basically Himneskur (Icelandic for celestial) but without the 'h')


Imneskur lives in the depths of space, she controls the cosmos. It is said that she was born when a very powerful star collapsed and fell to Earth. The shards from the star scattered all over a large forest. A pregnant wolf ate one of the shards by accident and when she gave birth one of the cubs was born special, her fur shimmered like the stars in the night sky and she had beautiful wings that actually looked almost exactly like the night sky itself. As the pup grew up she gained more powers and when she was old enough she left her mom to live a life in space and rule over the stars. Later the god of the cosmos adopted her and gave her the name 'Imneskur' she was taught more powers and how to create and destroy stars. To this very day she flies around space ruling over the stars.

GENDER: Female
AGE: 1250
SPECIES: Celestial wolf
. The stars on her wings help her camouflage in space.
. She has the power to live for eternity.

(This is an Original Character -NO STEALING! Thank you)

bobricknelson Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Student General Artist
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